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First, a HUGE THANKS!  to all of my wonderful clients who continue to support The Crimson Cake. We have spent more than 13 years being part of your big and important occasions, and we hope to keep on doing so.


The Crimson Cake is a small, custom cake and dessert shop owned and operated by me, Pastry Chef Alicia Phoenix. 


 I graduated Scottsdale Culinary Institute in 1999 and spent the next decade honing my baking and cake decorating skills in Boston and North County San Diego working in wholesale bakeries and upscale hotel pastry shops. 

In 2010, after several years of working full time and doing cakes "on the side", I asked my sister, Sarah, to join me in a full time cake venture called "The Crimson Cake". While I was elbows deep in cake batter, Sarah worked on making us look good with cake photography, web design and advertising.  For nearly 7 years we worked side by side and had a blast doing it but, in late 2016 some life changes caused us to part ways. I am so grateful for all of Sarah's hard work in getting this great business going.

The Crimson Cake now resides in a cake studio space located at  3800 Oceanic Dr. Suite 118. I do most of the cake work on my own and rely on a few great ladies who help with all of the baking. 

I love my work, love my clients and look forward to making people happy with cake! 


 For your convenience, if you have an event coming up just let us know and we will save the date for you (no deposit required) - this will guarantee that we can accommodate your order while you are sorting through the details on your end.

For custom orders, just send us photos of cakes, invitations or other inspiration from which we can work from. If you do see a cake on the website that is just what you are looking for, we are happy to recreate that as well.


Weddings: In order provide the best cakes we can, we offer wedding cakes no larger than 100 servings. Since all of our cakes are made with fresh ingredients, extra large and high stacks of cake are not worth the risk for us! There are options for supplementing with back up cakes, cupcakes and mini pastries.  Please contact us for availability  with any questions or for more information.


Watching the evolution of our products - to see raw ingredients turn into a work of art that brings smiles to our clients' faces is priceless and is worth the hard work that goes into every cake/cupcake order. Each order is unique and our clients are always invited to provide their thoughts and ideas to incorporate into the cake design.


We take pride in creating products that are not just memorable for the design but, that taste extraordinary as well. All of our recipes are made from scratch with high quality chocolate, cream and butter - no mixes or buckets of pre-made frosting. The cakes are moist, the fruit is fresh and the fillings and buttercream are just lightly sweet.


The quality of product and design is what keeps our customers coming back again and again, inviting us to be part of their families' special moments.


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