Holiday Menu

CAKE: Layers of buttermilk cake baked with orange zest, soaked with vanilla bean syrup and then filled with cranberry jam and white chocolate mousse

CUPCAKE: Mild orange cupcake filled with white chocolate mousse and topped with cranberry buttercream

White Chocolate Cranberry

CAKE: Vanilla cake soaked with creamy eggnog and layered with eggnog custard and whipped cream

CUPCAKE: Vanilla cupcake filled with eggnog custard and topped with spiced buttercream

Eggnog Cream

CAKE: Moist chocolate cake layered with ganache and crunchy peppermint buttercream

CUPCAKE: Chocolate cupcake filled with chocolate mousse and topped with peppermint crunch buttercream

Chocolate Peppermint

CAKE: Moist gingerbread cake filled with sweet vanilla bean cream cheese frosting

CUPCAKE: Gingerbread cupcakes filled with whipped cream and topped with cream cheese frosting

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